Synapses by Pleasantry

“Memory, I realize, can be an unreliable thing; often it is heavily colored by the circumstances in which one remembers, and no doubt this applies to certain of the recollections I have gathered here.”   –   Kazuo Ishiguro, A Pale View of Hills

Collective memory is an odd thing: what we consider shared experiences are hardly ever truly shared at all. Fraught with disconnections and distortions, they are felt and interpreted individually – subjectively – as our personal journeys impact the moments we remember and the recollections we make.

Following the release of their Inhabit EP in March, Pleasantry launch their much anticipated debut album at Esplanade with a little help from friends who have accompanied them on their journey to date.

Explore and navigate the dissonance with Singapore’s indie darlings through a synaesthetic experience, in collaboration with Super System (SSYSTM) and Hylman & Farhan of Fhage [Visuals] and Marc Gabriel Loh [Art Direction]. 

Stream 'Synapses' here!